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How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 6S follow step by step

Do you know that how to Take Screenshot on iPhone 6s? Its easily Just follow this Tutorial in step by step.If you are a first-time iPhone 6s user and don’t know how to save a screenshot on your iPhone 6s, don’t worries because this is made for you easy to carry out.many steps are there how to screenshot on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 or 6plus.you can screenshot with your phone manager,power mirror,apps and other so one.

Now I’ll try to give you the best system of taking a screenshot.with buttons is the simple and easy way To take a screenshot with your iPhone and iPad. This steps on taking a screenshot are pretty easy to remember.All you need to do is given below.

Step-1: you have to set display what you want to capture.
Step-2: press and hold the sleep/wake button (on the right) and then click the Home button

Take a screenshot on your iPhone 6s
Take screenshot on your iPhone 6s Tutorial

Step-3: Then you can see a white flash will appear on your screen and you will hear a sound which proved that the screenshot is successfully taken. You can find the captured image in your camera roll or gallery as well.

Conclusion: At least you will able to take a screenshot on iPhone 6s. If you have any question about this Tutorial Please Comment Us.

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